Simple Power Saving Devices

If you need a tool to save electricity you use, so in this article a simple power saving device circuit diagram is very suitable for you to test. Basically, this tool can really save electricity in your home from 10-25%. Work of this tool is simply to reduce the number of cosines of the AC current curves which will be read on a gauge to measure a mile in your home. The power saving device will work if there is an AC load through a coil of wire sensors to measure the amount of AC current through it. Or a scientific theory is how we can reduce the possibility of the largest peak (peak of the curve of AC (sine-cosine) to read so low. power saving device component which affects the flow of AC and condenser or capacitor or inductor loop. You can do is flow air conditioner filters before entering the electricity network in your home. Here is a schematic power saving device drawing:

simple power saving devices1 Simple Power Saving Devices

Create the circuit in a plastic box. then use a capacitor with good quality, the more expensive the better. to SW is functioning as a safety in case of short circuiting due to the capacitor.

19 thoughts on “Simple Power Saving Devices

  1. Hi, please email me a simple cct diagramm for electricity power saver for home usage.

  2. hi pls. email me a circuit of power-saving device and its load capacity and how to assemble it… tnx. god bless

  3. I’m very interested for the power saving device,can you send me a complete schematic diagram for that saver.thank you…

  4. Please send me a simple diagram of a power saving device operates in a 220V and its load capacity.
    Thank you and MORE POWER!!!!

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